Maison Abriza

Maison Abriza - Son Altesse la Rose


This Eau des Rêves is a beautiful rose blend that dances on the skin. Made from the fine and distinguished Damask Rose, this is one of the main ingredients used by the great French perfumers. Created from Abriza’s memories, this rose is used in our perfume so you can experience this extraordinary dream.

100ML spray.

In this stunning collection in the Maison’s colours, like a real gem, this magnificent multi-faceted bottle will transport you to the land of your wildest dreams!


Olfactory family: A Floral Dream

Top Notes: A burst of freshness, slightly fruity and sweet

Heart Notes: Rose Absolute

Base notes: honeyed side of beeswax

Abriza's Inspiration

Dream about the “Eau de Rêves” collection.
It whispers promises of nights that are even more beautiful than the days, between enchanting dreamlike fantasies and deep well-being, the “Eau de Rêves” collection offers 7 creations with each one inviting you to sink into a perfumed dream.

Light, misty and evocative, these scents are the forgotten fragrances from their creator, Abriza’s, childhood before they reappeared in her dreams. Made from the Maison’s finest products, each one invites you to indulge your skin with these delicate and beautiful notes, to make the lightest, sweetest and most sensual of dreams… dreaming about the finest ingredients in French perfumery.

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