A few words from Abriza

I believe that the packaging is part of the product and it reflects the values of Maison Abriza.

When I created the packaging, I wanted it to be like a jewellery box.
When you gift yourself or someone dear, I believe that the experience starts when you receive the bag.


Everything is thought, from the ribbon till the product itself.

First, We will find a touch of gold on all the boxes in tribute of Abriza meaning.

Then, the suede is in tribute to the jewellery boxes. The blue color is the blue Maison Abriza inspired from the Blue Marie Antoinette.

The envelope shape and the golden seal are in tribute to ancient times where people used to communicate through letters. To me, it has a profound meaning; only the precious matters were shared through these letters. When you would open your Box Maison Abriza, you would also find the most precious gift.
The box can be stored in a library, as a book.