Maison Abriza

Maison Abriza - Boudoir Candle 75g




The "LES CONTES PARFUMES” COLLECTION is inspired by the one thousand and one lives of the designer ABRIZA. This collection of nine fragrances all tell their own scented story.

Made up of nostalgia and dreams, reality and imagination, these tales plunge us into a dreamlike olfactory setting and keep the Maison running. Presented in a blue box with the Maison’s monogram, this candle is integrated into a candlestick holder which has become an intricate candle holder that beautifully plays with the space, creating a delicate blend of fragrant and magical shadows. This timpani shape which has been redesigned in an extra-white matte bisque and laced with 24-carat gold throughout the fine carvings in the china, offers a beautiful transparent light.

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